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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - The number of deer and other large animals killed or injured by California motorists jumped 20 percent in 2016 in accidents that killed five people, led drivers to put themselves in harm’s way trying to save the animals, and cost society about $276 million, a new study shows. About 7,400 animals were killed or injured in collisions last year, up from 5950 in 2015, the first year that the UC Davis Center for Road Ecology began using data from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to track wildlife collisions and their costs. “The CHP is saying people are very upset, concerned and even putting themselves in harm’s way to ensure that injured animals are taken care of,” said Fraser Shilling, co-director of the UC Davis Road Ecology Center and the report’s co-author. “They find people crying and cradling the animal, people stopping traffic around the animal.” According to the report, large wild animals involved in traffic incidents in 2016 included 6,119 mule deer, 377 coyotes, 135 black bears, 44 elk, 43 mountain lions and 21 wild pigs. About 2700 of the animals died. In 2015, vehicles struck 5408 mule deer, 361 coyotes and 89 black bears according to the data, which Shilling said represents very conservative estimates. The increase was mostly driven by a jump in deer population after the end of California’s five-year drought, Shilling said. People are also frequently injured in these crashes, the report showed.

Why do designers stage fashion shows? To sell bags and shoes ... and fragrances, of course! #NYFW. …

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Tracee Ellis Ross Has Definitive Proof That Diana Ross Is the Greatest Mom of All Time

Tracee Ellis Ross - Royals - October 2017 Did you get an agent and move to L.A.? No. It was not quite that easy. I did a show that was like a MTV House of Style, but about TV. It was called The Dish, on Lifetime. Then I did my first film, Far Harbor, and it was Marcia Gay Harden and Jennifer Connelly and they were looking for a black Jewish girl. That was me. [Laughs.] And then from that moment I started meeting people. I used to write thank you notes to everybody and if someone would say, “You should meet so-and-so.” I would say, “Would you mind calling them for me?” and they would set up a meeting and then I eventually moved to Los Angeles and I did an NBC movie of the week and I felt like I had, like, won the jackpot. [Laughs.] What did you play in the movie of the week?

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